Lauren Boggi

Lauren Boggi

Lauren Boggi, creator of Lithe®, is a fitness and lifestyle expert and celebrity trainer with more than 15 years of experience in the health/fitness industry.

Recently noted as one of the “Top Core Workouts” by SELF,  “Best Workouts: Coast to Coast” by Daily Candy, and one of the “Best Ways To Get Fit” by Yahoo Health and Prevention Magazine, Lithe is an innovative workout regimen that combines Cardio-Cheer-Sculpting® (CCS) with a proprietary Higher Power Band System®.

As a former Division 1A USC college cheerleader and Pilates instructor, Boggi was looking for a fun, creative, and effective workout that she couldn’t find in the traditional fitness arena. So, she decided to combine the best of her cheerleading and fitness background to create her own proprietary Cardio-Cheer-Sculpting® technique.

In 2011 Boggi launched Lithe Foods and the luxe studio-to-street line of activewear called Lithe Wear. Additionally, Boggi runs an internationally-read blog,, which provides an opportunity to incorporate additional pillars of a healthy, empowering lifestyle by discussing all things fitness, fashion, and food.

Lauren  is a powerful, intuitive, creative teacher and businesswoman. Widely respected as an industry expert, Lauren writes for The Huffington Post and has appeared in many national publications such as The New York Times, VOGUE, BusinessWeek, Lucky, Forbes, and more.

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