Bed: For Sleep and Sex Only? Healthy Habits

Bed: For Sleep and Sex Only?

Your bed is for two things only: sleep and sex.

That’s it. Don’t read a book, watch TV, talk on the phone, check your email, log on to Facebook, or do work in bed. When you go to bed, turn your clock toward the wall. Watching the clock won’t help you fall asleep; it will only make you frustrated. If you’re in bed and can’t fall asleep, don’t stay there — remember, the bed is for sleep and sex only.

Get up and do something pleasant and relaxing like reading a calming book or listening to soothing music. Don’t do anything stressful like pay bills or watch an action movie.

When you feel drowsy, go back to bed.

One practical point: You might have to decide which is more important, sleep or sex. If you decide that you want both on a particular night, then go to bed early so you can incorporate both without losing sleep.

Remember, your body needs sleep. Much of the repair of the everyday wear and tear of living happens during the night. Sleep deprivation can cause low-grade inflammation, which is linked to almost all types of cancer and heart disease.

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