Can You Handle the Heat? The Truth About Your Grill Healthy Eating

Can You Handle the Heat? The Truth About Your Grill

When the seasons change and the temperatures rise, it means one thing: time to fire up the grill! But whether you prefer hamburgers or hot dogs, there is something all grillers should be aware of.

When meat is cooked at high temperatures until well done, groups of chemicals start to form on that coveted char. The longer and hotter the cooking the more chemicals join to the party. Especially in the blackened parts of the meat!

And if you’re one of those grillers who is constantly checking on those grill lines, make sure you’re not inhaling the smoke that’s rising. When fat burns and drips onto the hot grill coals, guess what? More chemicals are released.

But don’t let this ruin your summer-long BBQ plans! Read below for some steps you can take for a safer grilling get-together:

Cut the fat!
The leaner the cuts of meat you choose, the less fat will be burned off and the less chemicals you stand to inhale.

Cool it!
We know grill marks are everything to an experienced pit master, but consider cooking at lower temperatures.

Get baked!
Consider precooking meat in the oven or roasting it in a pan to get the fat off before grilling.

Stay in the light!
Avoid recipes that call for “blackened” foods and trim off any charred or burned parts after your food comes off the grill.

Less is more!
Avoid overcooking by using a meat thermometer to cook the meat at the exact temperature needed.

Herb it up!
Marinate meats in herb mixtures to reduce chemicals forming on the meat. Research shows the herbs in marinades actually reduce this.


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