Feminine Hygiene: Taking Care, Down There Healthy Habits

Feminine Hygiene: Taking Care, Down There

Here at Breasthealth.org, no health topic is off-limits…especially when it comes to keeping our lady parts clean and healthy. The good news is that regular care of our vaginas doesn’t take much work. The vagina creates mucous to maintain the right balance of acid and base to protect against infection, and it plays host to a healthy mix of microorganisms that keep everything running smoothly. So if it’s truly that easy, why are so many women using personal cleansing products like douches, sprays and powders? We’ve broken down our top vaginal health tips, below!

  • Douching is a don’t: Douching changes the natural acidic balance of your vagina—and that balance is what keeps it healthy! Changing this environment can leave you susceptible to harmful bacteria and possibly lead to infection.
  • Be gentle: When cleaning down there, avoid abrasive washcloths or scrubbing, which can irritate the sensitive tissue.
  • Avoid harsh cleaning products: Strong soap can dry out the mucous membrane of the vulva and cause irritation, and soaps and washes can also affect the natural pH of your vagina. Pick a soap that is mild and free from fragrance and other harmful ingredients.
  • Use pure powders: If you’re feeling, ahem, a little less than fresh down there, cornstarch is a better bet than talc powder, since the latter isn’t safe to breathe in.
  • Keep it trim and tidy: Though you might prefer to let your pubic hair do its own thing, a trim every now and again can help reduce sweat and any accompanying odor. Just be sure to use blunt-tipped scissors and be especially careful!
  • Cotton only: Underwear made from cotton and other natural fibers is more breathable than man-made fabrics and will help you feel fresher for longer.


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