Getting to a Healthy Weight Healthy Habits

Getting to a Healthy Weight

Weight loss can be a difficult and frustrating journey.  Focusing on dieting and exercise can also be exhausting, sometimes yielding little or no results, and busy schedules don’t make it any easier. And let’s be honest, it’s hard to stay away from some of our favorites (brick oven pizza, anyone?). A little indulgence here and there can be ok, but portion control is critical.

Obesity is a major concern in America – 64% of adult women are considered overweight or obese – and leads to extensive health issues across the board.  It may seem like a never-ending cycle with dieting, weight loss, weight gain, and so on, but don’t wait for a serious diagnosis like breast cancer to take action.

Now is the time to start talking to your doctor about the weight loss plan that’s best for you.  Changing your diet is key, but exercise will play a role, too. Generally, follow this guideline: 80% diet, 20% exercise. This might give you a reason to revisit foods you didn’t think you liked and try new things!

Always remember, you’re not alone. Many women face the same struggle every day.


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