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How Safe Is Your Hand Soap?

Did you know that washing your hands with plain soap kills the same amount of bacteria as using antibacterial soap? Many regulatory groups today agree on the fact that antibacterial soaps don’t offer any benefits over soaps that don’t contain antimicrobial agents.

In fact, researchers are saying that triclosan, a common ingredient in antibacterial soaps can be very harmful to you and the environment. Here’s why you should think twice before buying or using soaps that contain the substance:

  • Some researchers believe that triclosan is contributing to antibiotic resistance in people.
  • Sunlight turns triclosan into a toxic chemical that may increase your risk of cancer.
  • Triclosan is a hormone disruptor, which means it affects your body’s hormonal balance. Many women choose to avoid such hormonally active chemicals because they can increase the risk of breast cancer.
  • Triclosan is one of the most common pollutants in water.

Wash your hands often to keep those germs away, but try to avoid antibacterial soaps that contain harmful chemicals.



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