It’s a Family Thing for Fabi Healthy Habits

It’s a Family Thing for Fabi recently chatted with Fabiana Ferrarini—wife, mom of 2, fitness model, personal trainer, and the first Latina woman to appear on the cover of Oxygen magazine.  We got the inside scoop on Fabiana’s training routine, fitness tips,  and how she balances it all for the sake of her breast health.

Q: How do you incorporate your family into your fit lifestyle?

As a stay-at-home mom, I am up super early getting the kids ready for school, getting lunches packed and breakfast made. At the same time, I get myself gym-ready, because once I am dressed and out the door to take them to school, I have no excuse not to make it to the gym. Prior to being home, I worked at a pharmacy. It was not easy being there all day and then making to the gym, but I always had my gym bag ready.

When the kids are home during the summer, I work out outdoors and I incorporate my kids. At times I have Josiah—my four-year-old—count for me as I do crunches, and sometimes Enrique, my nine-year-old, will ride his bike as I run. I like to make fitness fun for my kids. At home, everyone eats the same meals. The kids, of course, are not too crazy about veggies, but I chop them up really small and mix them into whatever I’m cooking so that at times they don’t even realize they just ate zucchini.

The goal is to be active, and all that takes is 30 minutes. There are plenty of YouTube and Xfinity On Demand programs that can be put on your TV and be completed in the comfort of your home. We must get creative.

“While you work out, your kids watch, and soon enough they will want to be just as strong as mommy!”


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