Tampons and Pads: The Uncomfortable Truth Breasts 101

Tampons and Pads: The Uncomfortable Truth

Ladies, it’s time to talk tampons and pads. Gone are the days of bulky panty liners and uncomfortable tampons. Today, the feminine hygiene aisle is overflowing with options. From tampons made specifically for an active lifestyle, to reusable cloth pads, to menstrual cups, there’s something for every preference. But, of all these choices, which is the healthiest?Small menstrual cup and tampons

We’ve broken down the options:

Prefer pads? Look for organic cotton panty liners and pads made without rayon, plastics or similar synthetic materials. Also, stick to brands that specifically advertise being free of petroleum-based ingredients and polyethylene. Stay away from scented or fragranced versions, as the phthalates that make up the scent may disrupt normal hormonal balances in the body.

Team tampons? Make it a point to purchase tampons made only from 100 percent organically produced cotton. Just as conventional tampons are bleached without chlorine, so are organic tampons. Additionally, organic tampons are usually also free of pesticides, petroleum-based chemicals and other additives. Want to give ‘em a go? Look for Seventh Generation, Natracare and Organyc. And as always, scents and fragrances are a no-no.

Favor menstrual cups? We know it may sound weird, but seeing as the average woman throws away 300 pounds of feminine hygiene products in her lifetime, a reusable menstrual cup is the best way to be environmentally friendly and keep your body safe from chemicals. Worn internally like a tampon, these bell-shaped cups collect your, ahem, flow and should be removed and emptied two to three times a day.

Curious about cloth pads? Instead of throwing away your pad after each use, cloth pads are meant to be washed and reworn. Since they’re typically made from organic cotton (and without any chemicals/additives), they’re one of the most natural options on the market! Look for Lunapads or GladRags at the drug store, or check online at Amazon.com or Drugstore.com.

We see new and innovative products coming in to the market all of the time. Have you tried Thinx, period underwear?


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