What’s the Deal with Hair Color?  Healthy Home

What’s the Deal with Hair Color? 

Highlights, lowlights, ombre´, and more ­–hair color options these days are endless. If you’re looking for a fresh look or that extra confidence boost, a trip to the salon might be just what you need.

But did you ever stop to think about the chemicals used in hair dyes?  While only small amounts may be absorbed into the scalp during a coloring, exposure to these chemicals over a prolonged period of time (e.g., from bi-monthly salon appointments) could increase your breast cancer risk.

Think twice about coloring your hair with harsh dyes, but if you’re not sold on your natural color (or going gray!), try plant-based dyes instead.  At-home kits might be a better option, but be sure to follow the directions closely. It’s also recommended that you test the dye on a small patch of skin first in case of allergies.

Eliminating hair dye from your beauty routine could be the next step to becoming the healthiest you! Embrace your natural locks!


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